South Central Transit Authority

With more than two decades of public administration and management experience, Semia Hackett has developed perceptiveness for how organizations become overshadowed by inefficiencies, cross-purposes and miscommunication, and how they can transform for a smoother, more purposefully focused organization. As a proactive program coordinator, she diligently assists organizations in setting priorities and in creating the balance needed to administer flourishing programs. Semia currently holds dual Master of Science degrees, concentrating in Public Administration and Healthcare Administration. Ms. Hackett’s experience as an executive leader in varying capacity in the transit industry have allowed her to provide sound leadership and judgement while serving local and national nonprofits. As a certified grant proposal writer, Semia looks forward to identifying and obtaining funding opportunities to support worthy programming. In her spare time, Ms. Hackett enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling and mentoring. She currently resides in Palm Springs, California.

“Duffy’s Hope is an extended family for many; we have a genuine concern and love for one another” with an overall passion to improve the lives of youth in the community we serve. I mentor to motivate our young ladies to achieve their dreams. It’s my hope that my experiences and actions encourage the little voice within to push her beyond the tough days with determination and confidence. I support Duffy’s Hope financially because of the dedication and love poured into proactive programming. Everything done is in the spirit of patience, truth and kindness.”