A. Duffy's Hope, Inc. is a holistic, full-service program aimed at changing the lives of Delaware's hard-to-reach and at-risk youth. Duffy's Hope Programs are (click below for more information): Ambassador Mentoring Program     Youth Basketball League.    Youth Garden & Market Initiative Duffy's Hope uses the following Core Program Components to positively impact each child, their family and their community: 1. One-on-One Mentoring 2. Parent & Family Participation 3. School & Home Visits 4. "Reality Check" Day Trips 5. Tutoring 6. Educational & Enrichment Field Trips 7. Guest Speakers 8. Financial Literacy 9. Group Discussions 10. Etiquette Training By using the above 10-step holistic process, Duffy's Hope has a documented track record of not only reaching our youth and helping to change their lives for the better, but also doing what it takes to dramatically change the lives of their families as well. Please visit OUR STORIES page to see first hand how Duffy's Hope is the change agent our communities, families and kids need.
A. Duffy's Hope has an open enrollment. Please contact our office at 302-652-3532 to speak with us directly about the application process.
A. At this time, Duffy's Hope focuses services toward middle school and high school students between the ages of 12 and 17.
A. Program participants must be between the ages of 12 and 17 years. All participants will complete to the following: In-take application and submission of a referral letter; In-person interview; Regular attendance and participation in weekly sessions, tutoring, and community service projects; Submission of quarterly interim reports and report cards; Regular parent/guardian participation in monthly meetings, fundraiser events and school activities.
A. Duffy's Hope welcomes and encourages the community to get involved with our programs. The following areas are our immediate needs. However, we always welcome additional assistance that may not be listed. Please contact us to discuss your ideas! We are in need of the following: Tutors for schoolwork; Chaperons for trips; Site visits or trip locations; Volunteers to work for our events; Donations to support our mission. Thank you in advance for supporting Duffy's Hope, Inc.!